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I am developing myself in a positive manner and I avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or physical health.

I am developing self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I am using what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and my fellow man and never to be abusive or offensive.



This is the Knowledge requirements to achieve promotion in a Specific FORM. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school.

Form- Cobra/Tiger/Dragon

Form - Three Circles
  • Meaning of form - The three ranges of striking distance (The three ranges are 1) hands, 2) feet 3) knees and elbows.)
  • Quality - Courtesy
  • Meaning of quality - Polite Behavior

Form - The Fourth Circle
  • Meaning of form - The grappling range of self defense
  • Quality - Humility
  • Meaning of quality - Quiet Confidence

Form - Deadly Force
  • Meaning of form - Defense against knife attacks
  • Quality - Gratitude
  • Meaning of quality - Being thankful

Form - Legal Weapon
  • Meaning of form - Using what's at hand for self defense
  • Quality - Courage
  • Meaning of quality - Taking positive action in spite of fear

Form - Foundation
  • Meaning of form - Sweeping an opponent off their feet
  • Quality - Tolerance
  • Meaning of quality - allowing for other peoples differences

Form - Dragon's Touch
  • Meaning - Using pressure points for Self Defense
  • Quality - Empathy
  • Meaning - Understanding another persons thoughts or feelings

Form - Leverage
  • Meaning - Throwing an opponent
  • Quality - Loyalty
  • Meaning - Being faithful to a cause or an idea

Form - Terrain
  • Meaning - Ground fighting techniques
  • Quality - Create your own
  • Meaning - Create your own

Form - Meijin Gate
  • Meaning - A passage into expertise and a mastery of an art far beyond the boundaries of physical prowess.



I like to free sparring. I love to free sparring.

I am going to get hit. I am going to get hit harder then I like.

I am going to suck it up and continue.


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